Tom Taghon

Prof. dr. Tom Taghon has been leading the Taghon Lab independently since 2012. As principal investigator, his ambitions are to drive the research of human thymocyte development, and to pioneer the study of T lymphocytes in health and disease. Prof. dr. Tom Taghon has over 100 publications, among which many in high impact journals such as Nature Immunology and Nature Genetics. The work of Prof. Taghon and his team has been cited over 3000 times, which signifies the impact of the research group on the field.

  • Master in Biotechnology (1997, Ghent University)
  • PhD in Medical Sciences (2002, lab of Dr. Georges Leclercq and Dr. Jean Plum, Ghent University)
  • Postdoc at California Institute of Technology (US, lab of Dr. Ellen Rothenberg)
  • Odysseus II Grant (2007)
  • Award of the Royal Academy of Medical Sciences Belgium for fundamental medical research (2009)
  • Associate Professor (2012)
  • ANR committee member
  • Review Editor for Frontiers in Immunology